Hate Hurts

This is a safe space to share and reflect on the pain careless words and insensitive jokes can inflict

Let's create an appreciation for diversity, and an understanding that
it's not a laughing matter to make fun of others pain.

Let those differences become hope as we live in a diverse world together.

4 stories on 'A little anecdote but no small matter'

"Oh it's just a harmless joke" but can you really say the person who was the subject of your joke is not hurt? What is funny to you might not be for them at all.

My “Hate Hurts” story

Don't expect people to "take a joke" when they are actually vicious cyberbullying and online hate speech with real consequences.

If only I still had a chance to right my wrongs...

Sometimes we realize a little too late the impact of our careless words and we no longer have the chance to apologize or make amends. We should start being kind, careful and attentive while we still have the chance.

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